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  Strategic objectives 
CS1 CS1 - ResearchSpecific objectives for increasing the impact of the university’s research activity on the development of world science, especially in priority research areas with high development potential, in which the university plans to intensify its research activity.>>
CS2 CS2 - CollaborationSpecific objectives for enhancing research collaboration with research institutions of high international reputation, especially in priority research areas.>>
CS3 CS3 - EducationSpecific objectives for improving quality of education provision for students and doctoral training, especially in fields of study and disciplines of science related to priority research areas, taking into account the need to include students and doctoral candidates in research activities and the need to compete effectively for the most talented applicants, including foreign ones, to study programmes and to doctoral schools. The objectives should also take into account implementation of a talent management system.>>
CS4 CS4 - Staff developmentSpecific objectives for devising and implementing comprehensive solutions for the professional development of the university’s staff, especially young scientists, in the meaning of Article 360(2) of the Law of 20 July 2018 on Higher Education and Science.>>
CS5 CS5 - University governanceSpecific objectives for improving quality of university governance and management, including qualityenhancing organisational changes.>>
CS6 CS6 - Otere objectivesOther specific objectives to raise the international significance of the university’s activities.>>